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Future Cults (Era 6)

by researcher

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Laserdisc 05:12
Oh, fax your number I'll page before I call Got me in the quad trippin all the way I'm not my screen name My hair was parted down the middle when I didn't care That was then Well, life is boring Made-up voices erupt Dead under Alpha Beta lights I'm the useless one of all the promises you kept That was then All of me will come in you It's such a mess that I can't connect Fix my head under your car It's such a mess that I can't connect Well you left me where you found me With a Thomas Guide to find My way back to the 90s When the circle was a line See when I need you now I will draw you in my Trapper Keeper And if I let you down I've got some Orbitz in the fridge, whatever Fear on a laserdisc Or we can kick it, watch some Cruel Intentions I'll never never never let this go
I'm a guest inside my head Follow the money And I'm still watching everything come down After everything's come down & driven off Wash my hands after they talk I'm alive but at what cost To the body come apart where you lie whole I'm a guest inside my head Am I waking up Am I only on my phone And I'm running out of time And you run me out of town Hold me, I'm reaching out with my hand And I will wait for a hand to pull me up Nothing and it's nowhere and it's no one and it's never (and it's backward) Unrealize the way I'm fucked Unmurder us (I'll let you come) Unrealize the motorcade Unmurder us (I'll levitate) I'm someone when no one's around Autocorrected echo answer Oh, God I'm really here
Slow Learner 06:36
I'm lost Can anybody love you like I love you Can anybody else love someone like I love you What do you see when you see me coming over You tell your friends forget about it move forward Am I the same or am I just a slow learner Forget the time but never forget your number I'm lost Years are days to me
My surprise: that you and I are in love My surprise: that I was once enough Fate is not a gun You hurt yourself with my luv Why when I'm not enough You were alone in the dark And I wasn't there And I don't sleep at night So I'm tired when it's light Forget to fight the ghost of you holding me I will look over my shoulder For all my life When will they take me Burn at the stake 'Cause I can't answer Questions about what I am doing And I'm ashamed of myself for you I cough up blood to make up for speaking Now I'm knocked down off of my high horse Heartbreak grass Someone poisons every word Come back to me I'll write a song about you It's all I can do...
Following 04:26
What's gonna happen is gonna happen I'm just a file inside your computer A dip in the mattress A tear in the fabric No one is listening but you Am I still laying around on your dresser Have you fallen on your bed and remembered Are your clothes still piling up in the corner Have you used our funny names with a stranger I remember watching you from the spare room I remember thinking there is nothing better But the words stayed where they were in a pattern And they tell us well that's just the way the world works Where did you go where I can't follow Consumed by you I drove you away I race you to open up your door I live in silence no one knows
Follower 03:48
Hey, Mr. Fang, it's enough Everyone's white and I'm not Too long has passed and I'm walled up In a middle-class mausoleum Mr. Home, everything you keep from/for me Every day you're holding me back Close the windows that look out and in And tell the same joke twice: 'Everything is fine' When I think it's over, it's you, Mrs. Eyes It's you, Mrs. Eyes Vulture nightmare Horror won't skip your house Play dead or capture on camera For the neighbors I will never find the skin that clear up They will never get back in time to see the mirror If only I would never look back, never look back I'd avoid another car crash Thought that you would never go But California's robbing my shit, telling me bye I'm at Target while everyone's high Thought that you would never let go (I'm alive but alone again)


Sixth release for futurecults.com, a multimedia project of ongoing stories searchable by character on a map. each 'chapter' has its own music, video, or art.


thank you


released June 30, 2017


all rights reserved



researcher California

me unfortunately | making new music as you read this!

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