Temporary Ghost EP

by researcher

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$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $
hello internet cadet
as always you get more internet song for your internet buck
with your ol' bruh from another muh
stuffing as many alternate timelines in a tune as possible
like a duffel bag while the searchlights of badmen descend upon you
in your midnight escape to who knows where
carrying only what fits
which is a lot because I need so much

I'll never be heard and I'll never be who I want to be
but thanks for the internet support
all my luv, me
% % % % % % % % % % % % %


released November 12, 2018

*tapes still available*


all rights reserved


Track Name: Prelude

Track Name: Temporary Ghost
I thought I saw it / it looked just like me
It's what I wanted / it's come to save me

And it's not enough for you
And it's not you I'm for
I'm a temporary ghost on a deadkid platform
And it's magical thinking
I'm a crystal ball crime
Waiting for the other to finish
Hide behind furniture

Under your banner / it doesn't matter, love
It's a night letter / put on your armor, love

I'm in the HVAC / 'cause you refuse to take me
You and your lizard eyes / me on my drifting ice

(We are always at home / never pick up the phone)
When your eyes are folded in
When your hands clap / when your mouth laughs
It is not
When the bone snaps in a collapse
It is not
Track Name: Rebreather
How are you always here when I'm around
I look around and play dead
You see me / leaving / everything
The current / carrying / carrion / refuse (you used) to take me (in)

You and your lizard eyes
Reused and kept in ice
I'm in the HVAC
Living on stilts
Drift ice

You understand what I mean
You understand the armor
Track Name: Coda
%%%%%%%%%%%%% %%%
%%%%% %%%%%% %%%%%%

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