Future Cults (Era 5)

by researcher

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Lefora Williams
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Lefora Williams Reaches straight into my subconscious... very hypnotizing! Favorite track: UFO Religion.
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hannahreinhardtgriffin I adore all of the future cults recordings and I think this one might be my fave so far? Hard to say. they're all so good. But I love this one A Lot and listen to it all the time. Favorite track: Obvious Things.
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There's more guitars in this one. More of a pseudo-r&b thing going on. Share with your people if you like it. Please.

Fifth release for futurecults.com, a multimedia project of ongoing stories searchable by character on a map. each 'chapter' has its own music, video, or art. another album out next month.

thank you


released February 10, 2017



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Track Name: Infinite
There's a fire in your Eichler
But the soul is fine
In a filmworld I can't exit
But the car is fine
And it's ghostly no one knows me
But the dead is trying
In a crawlspace I am misplaced
But the pipes are fine

So how do I select from the infinite
And so I looked at what I had just edited
And I killed it

If you sing a song about me
What kind of song would it be
Would it be about my mistakes
And who would care

When the lights come up
And you float in a brushstroke
Hang me by the neck
Track Name: California Cut Off Heads
See me out
Look! A decade unaccounted for
Tell me: how do you relate
I don't want to watch to the end

In the absence of my heart
There's no need to be alarmed
If your god is gone and they're in the house
Do they know your name when they call you out
Track Name: UFO Religion
I rearrange the words before the proof of thought
I'm shopping for a cult. The hours are too long
They're coming unannounced
Deny myself a laugh
Shooter among the dead

Someone crying in the other room
Make sure that the body doesn't come apart

Tender flowers in winter won't survive
What was never remembered won't collide

I'm alone and you're alone
I lost the chance to leave this room
UFO religion in a city of raster

I wasn't there to rubberneck
I was ill as a child
Track Name: Obvious Things
Check your hair for glass
Pardon the autumn in this room
Fill your house with all
Obvious things

A layer of someone's skin
On things I can't throw away
Money for useless things
A tunnel to the bed we shared

But it's not enough for concern